Ear Wires

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What metals can I use to make ear wires? What metals should I consider when buying ear wires?

Ear Wires

When you are choosing the right metal for your ear wires, you need to consider several factors. Think about the effect of the metal on the wearer or on yourself. Many people have allergies to metal, and ears are particularly susceptible. For example, if you use natural copper wire, it will form a temporary discoloration (green) in the wearer's earring holes. If you are using a coated metal, be careful of scratching the coating when bending the wire. Taping the tips of the pliers will protect enameled or coated wires. This is why it can be better to work with precious metals. You can work gold-filled wire into ear wires without damaging it, but don't overwork it. You can also use steel wire, but make sure it is surgical stainless steel. Also, make sure if you use silver, that you use sterling silver or gold filled wire. Although sterling silver ear wires may tarnish, it is less potentially irritating to the wearer.



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