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Tell me about the semi precious stone, Amethyst.


Aside from their beauty, semi precious beads are popular because some people believe they have healing powers. Amethysts in particular are popular semi precious gemstones. Leonardo da Vinci believed amethysts were semi precious stones that warded off evil thoughts and increased brain power. Today, many people wear amethysts on semi precious stone jewelry necklaces because they believe in their general healing properties. It is also the birthstone for February and comes in varying shades of color which adds to its popularity.

Is Jade a semi precious stone?


Jade is another beautiful and popular semi precious stone. It makes for beautiful jade pendants and jade beads. Jade is remarkably strong and was used for tools and more as a utility by earlier cultures. Later, it became a more symbolic stone and was used in statuary, ornaments and jewelry. Although still considered semi precious, in some cultures, Jade was prized more highly than gold. Emerald green jade is the most highly sought after and its color comes from chromium. Other shades of jade come from exposure to different elements like iron (green and brown) and manganese. On a metaphysical level it is thought that green Jade enhances self-healing of both the emotional and physical. It is linked to the heart and is said to enhance prosperity and abundance.

What is the definition of semi precious stones?

Semi Precious Stones Defined

There is no clear definition of semi precious stones. It is accepted that all stones used for jewelry except for diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies are semi precious stones.

When can I wear semi precious stone jewelry?

Buying Semi Precious Stones Online

Semi precious stone jewelry can be worn everyday. While diamonds and rubies require formal attire, a sterling silver and carnelian necklace can be worn with just about anything. Many online bead retailers have great selections and reasonable prices. They sell all of the larger, chunky semi-precious stone beads as well as smaller ones. Some beads are even carved with designs or in specific shapes and can make lovely pendants.

What's a safe, quick way to pick up spilled beads?

Jewelry Making Tips

A great tip for the jewelry making hobbyist. You've just spilled a whole bag of 4mm semi precious stones all over the floor. Don't panic! Put a new bag in your vacuum cleaner and vacuum them up. Then extract the beads and give them a quick rinse - you have your beads and a clean floor to boot!

Can I find semi precious stone jewelry online?

Semi Precious Stone Jewelry

You can find semi precious stones at online retailers specializing in beads and jewelry supplies. Select a store with high-quality semi precious gemstones and competitive prices. Whether or not you believe in the healing power of many semi-precious stones, you can be certain that they look beautiful as part of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. It is hard to go wrong wearing jewelry made from something nature created so perfectly.

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