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How can I clean copper findings?

Cleaning Copper Findings

You can clean copper findings by using commercially prepared copper cleanings. It is important to note if the copper findings are finished, copper plated, or genuine untreated copper. If the copper findings are untreated, they may change color (Patina) if cleaned with chemicals such as ammonia. If they are genuine and you don't want them to change, you can brush them with clear nail polish.

What kind of findings should I use with a silver chain?

Findings for the Silver Chain

When choosing a clasp for a silver chain, try adding a decorative silver jewelry finding. If you are making jewelry for a metaphysical purpose, this is also an extra step that you can take to make your jewelry unique, original, and exquisite. In metaphysics, silver is associated with the moon. Moon charms or findings are also a great accent to a silver chain.

How can I brainstorm ideas that use my jewelry findings?

Jewelry Findings: Ideas for Creating

If you are at a loss for ideas, try taking one of your jewelry findings and setting it on your worktable. By carefully examining its detail, you can brainstorm a number of different potential patterns that will compliment the finding. Look for detail such as engravings, markings, colors, tints, and hues. Don't be afraid to let your imagination run wild and use combinations that you may not have previously tried. This includes mixing metals such as silver and gold, or mixing gemstones with beads. Let the jewelry finding lead the way and the ideas will flow.

What kind of findings can I use with Crystal Jewelry?

Finding ideas for Crystal Jewelry

Crystal Jewelry looks exquisite with jewelry findings. Try Black Onyx or Garnets for a regal look, or for a soft feminine touch try Rose Quartz.

How important are my jewelry findings to my finished piece?

Storing Jewelry Findings

Whether it is a glamorous set of gemstone earrings hanging from delicate earwires, or an intricately carved gemstone pendant, your choice of jewelry findings will lend their beauty to your finished piece. Treat your jewelry findings as you would any other valuable bead or gemstone and store them securely and separately.

What is the best value for wholesale jewelry findings?

Purchasing Wholesale Jewelry Findings

One of the best ways to begin your jewelry making business is to purchase jewelry findings wholesale. Jewelry findings make your jewelry unique and beautiful. Choose precious metal jewelry findings that contain genuine gemstones for even greater value.
You can find wholesalers online or through your local jewelry store buyer.

How can I open jump rings and keep their round shape?

Jewelry Findings: Opening Jump Rings

Jump rings are important jewelry findings. They are essential to your finished pieces and need to keep their circular shape. If you need a technique for opening jump rings here is one. First, using two needle nose pliers, hold both sides of the jump ring with a pair of pliers. Pull one side of the jump ring to the front and the other side to the back. Move gently so that you don't put too much stress on the jump ring. Now your jump ring is open. To close the jump ring, move both pliers in the opposite direction. When you close the ring, you should hear a soft clicking noise, indicating that both ends of the ring are touching.

How can I clean Pewter charms?

Cleaning Pewter Charms

When it comes to pewter charms, it is important to treat them with the care and attention they deserve. Be careful not to make the mistake of treating them as if they were brass or silver. You can purchase Pewter polish that is specifically designed for your charms. Don't use other cleaners on the pewter charms, they may be too abrasive and scratch them.

How can I tell if I am using genuine Swarovski crystal with my crystal jewelry?

Crystal Jewelry: Swarovski

Using a bead board is a perfect way to arrange your findings and plan your crystal jewelry. Consider using genuine Swarovski crystals from a licensed retailer to ensure that your piece is made from the finest crystals and not imitations. Swarovski only sells to licensed retailers. If they are not licensed then they are not genuine Swarovski crystals.

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