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Besides crystal jewelry, what are some different forms of healing crystals?

Healing Crystal Guide

A Guide to Popular Healing Crystals:

* Citrine is thought to dissipate negative energy, encourage warm energy and to promote optimism. It is also said to attract abundance, and to enhance the body's healing energy.

* Tourmaline is an example of a crystal with different properties depending on the color. For example, black Tourmaline protects against negativity and encourages intellectual thought and vitality. Blue Tourmaline helps with communication and psychic awareness. Green Tourmaline encourages creativity, prosperity and abundance and enhances cooperation and healing. Rubellite (dark pink) tourmaline boosts Creativity, love and devotion while pink (light) tourmaline develops love, spirituality, joy, peace and understanding. Finally, watermelon tourmaline is known to activate the heart chakra.

* Sapphire contains metaphysical properties that augment feelings of joy, peace, beauty and intuition. It is known as a stone of "prosperity" and it supports the fulfillment of dreams of the consciousness.

* Aquamarine increases courage and protection and stimulates intellect and spiritual awareness.

* Tanzanite augments protection and safety and encourages the perfect symmetry of personal power and actualization. It is said to bring together all aspects of communication and psychic power.

* Peridot develops understanding, recognition, openness and acceptance. It also provides a shield of protection and is said to be a good healer.

Why are some people attracted to crystal beads and crystal pendants?

Crystal Jewelry and Holistic Healing

Crystal jewelry has been worn throughout history. People have worn crystal beads, crystal pendants and crystal earrings in the belief that they have healing powers. The use and wearing of healing crystals has been practiced by almost every society on earth. Crystal healing is associated with holistic medicinal ideas and methods based on the ancient metaphysical properties associated with various stones and crystals.

Does the shape of crystal beads have anything to do with their healing powers?

The Nature and Number of Crystals

Many people believe there is a link between the shape of crystal jewelry and its healing powers. The properties of healing crystals and healing crystal jewelry is typically explained through nature and number.

For example, each quartz crystal has 6 sides. Quartz crystal beads are also hexagonal in cross-section and at the molecular level. Quartz crystal pendants give off hexagonal geometrized light energy and Quartz has 6 primary qualities. It is known to structure energy, amplify energy, store, focus, transmit and transform energy. This energy includes both thoughts and information.

Which crystals have headache healing or prevention properties?

Crystals and Headaches

Besides being used for crystal jewelry such as crystal beads and crystal pendants, healing crystals such as fluorite and rose quartz can be shaped into wands and used to concentrate healing energy to an area of discomfort. Crystal jewelry pieces made of fluorite and rose quartz are excellent for relieving headache pain. You might consider wearing fluorite or rose quartz crystal earrings.

Can healing crystals be used for massage?

Aqua Aura Quartz

Healing crystals such as crystal spheres and eggs can be used for massaging areas of discomfort. You can also choose crystals and stones with healing properties to be worn as jewelry. For example you can wear an sterling wrapped aqua aura pendant which combines the properties of both quartz and gold. Gold is considered a healing metal and the gold found in aqua aura is among the purest on earth.

What does crystal jewelry have to do with holistic healing?

Crystal Healing

Crystal jewelry speaks of order, intelligent design, balance and harmony. Some people wear crystal beads, crystal pendants and crystal earrings in the hopes of adopting these traits. Some take the use of healing crystals beyond just wearing crystal jewelry. They believe crystal healing is the basis of holistic health leading to the balance of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies. To this end many carry their crystal or stone with them in a pouch. They may even keep a piece of quartz or amethyst in their car or office to encourage whatever trait they hope to strengthen or adopt. Some women also use crystals during childbirth to open their mind and body to labor. Crystal points are used in some healing traditions such as acupressure where pressure points are manipulated with the stone points of the crystal.

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