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What should I look for in a good online bead store?

Find a Good Online Bead Store

If you are trying to identify a good online bead store, consider a couple of things. To start with, a good online site will give you clear, bright pictures that accurately depicts each item being sold. The description that accompanies the picture should tell you how many beads are being sold: either the number of beads in the package (glass and metal beads) or the strand length (for gemstone beads). The description should also give the bead size (e.g. a round bead is sized by diameter, such as "6mm"). Really good online stores will often give you additional information about the beads color, cut or condition and tips about how to use them in jewelry making.

What can I do to assure myself that I'm buying from a bead store?

Ask for Help

Whether you are an experienced bead worker or a beginner, bead stores online and local shops that are full of beads and supplies can be intimidating. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Shoot the webmasters of your online jewelry supply store an email asking about whatever you find perplexing of confusing. Although they may not know the answers to all of your questions, they may know of a great resource that can help you. When you buy beads online, you should feel confident, so ask your question!

I'm just a beginning beader, should I buy online?

Plan Ahead

If you are making your first piece of beaded jewelry, you may be nervous about buying online. It feels better to be able to touch and feel the beads and to see the whole range of supplies in front of you when you are unsure of how to begin. Don't be afraid to visit a craft store or buy a book before you set out to buy. Get an idea of what you like. Go online for unique lamp work beads and go online to buy bulk once you know what you want to create. Look for sites that really tell you what they offer, not sites that obviously "oversell." Finally, don't be lazy! Return substandard products to the online store if they don't meet your expectations. Once you do find a company you can trust, be loyal and build a relationship - you'll be glad you did!

Will I be able to return my product if I order from an on-line bead store?

Purchasing Beading Supplies: On-line Bead Store and Returns

Every on-line bead store is different so make sure that you carefully read the return policies for the company you have ordered from. It is also important that if you place a return to include some basic information regarding your order. This information includes:

Your Name and Address

Your Order Number

Why you are placing the return

If you would like another order, money back, etc.

You should also check to determine what the company's return policies are including time frame, how the return should be packaged and mailed, and if there are any products that the company will not accept as a return.

Where can I find ideas for Jewelry making?

Tutorials and Galleries

Many online bead stores host photos and short articles with ideas and photos of finished pieces submitted by their customers. These are very valuable resources for information, technique and for inspiration. They will also often host a directory of their beads, semi precious stones and gem stones to tell you about their color, origin and typical uses in jewelry making. Don't just get stuck on the shopping pages of your bead store online, dig in to the site, you just may find ideas that will lead you to your finest masterpiece!

How can I save on shipping charges when purchasing jewelry bead supplies?

Purchasing Jewelry Bead Supplies: Save on Shipping

Purchasing jewelry bead supplies is a great way to save money. Here is a tip you can use to save on shipping and handling: If you attend a beading class, combine your order with a few of your friends, and take advantage on savings. Many companies will offer a discount or even free shipping on orders over a certain amount.

Can I request a certain product from an online jewelry bead store?

Requesting an Item from a Jewelry Bead Store

When shopping from a jewelry bead store online, you can often request a certain gem or item to be sold. This is great advantage since an online bead store typically deals with a larger supply base than a local dealer. If you would like a certain product, simply E-mail or phone the company and ask if they can order it for you.

Are jewelry bead magazines and books tax deductible?

Jewelry Bead Magazines: Tax Deductions at your Fingertips

If you have your own jewelry business, purchasing jewelry bead magazines, books, and other literature based on the art of beading are tax deductible. Make sure to save all receipts for these items, including items purchased through an online bead store, and claim your deduction next tax season.

How can I prevent errors with my order when purchasing from an on-line bead store?

Double Check Your Information: On-line Bead Store

If you are placing an order with an on-line bead store be sure to double-check your information. Many times shipments are delayed due to typos that could easily be corrected and fixed during the time of the order. If you need your beads by a certain date, you know how frustrating a delayed shipment can be. Before you hit the mouse button and click send, read over all of your information a second time.

Will my jewelry bead order include insured shipping?

Buying Jewelry Bead Supplies: Insured Shipping

When buying jewelry bead supplies you should see if the company offers insured shipping. Insured shipping will cover the cost of a damaged or lost package. Don't assume that your package is automatically insured, ask the customer service representative. If they offer insurance, you should consider adding it to your order as well.

Do on-line bead stores offer gift certificates?

Gift Certificates for an On-line Bead Store

Thinking of the perfect gift for those in your beading co-op or class? Then you may want to consider gift certificates to an on-line bead store. These make fabulous gifts for Secret Santas, birthdays, or anytime you would like to give something special. You can choose gift certificates ranging from $25.00-$100.00. That's a lot of goodies for your beading buddies!

How can I make sure that an on-line bead store won't sell my personal information?

Shopping with an On-Line Bead Store: Privacy Policies

When shopping with an on-line bead store make sure that the website states their privacy policy. The policy should inform you that they would never sell your personal information, such as name, address, or email information. As long as the site is secure and states their privacy policy, you should feel confident placing your order online.

What are the benefits to purchasing from an online bead store?

Shopping with an Online Bead Store Offers Variety

One of the main advantages of shopping with an online bead store is the wide variety of beads available for purchase. Many bead store suppliers gather their stock from around the world. When purchasing supplies, be sure to inquire about the origin of your gems. Many times you will discover that the beads and gems that you are purchasing have been imported overseas.

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