Strength vs. Beauty of Gemstones

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What roles do texture, shape and color play when designing jewelry?

Strength vs. Beauty of Gemstones

When designing gem stone jewelry, remember that some textures, shapes and colors go better together than others. Heavy gemstones should not be used next to light, delicate gem stone beads. The necklace will not hang smoothly and the softer, more delicate gemstones could be damaged by those that are larger or heavier. Keep in mind that ordinary strands of a single color can be made interesting by using different shapes and sizes of the same kind of beads. You don't always need to mix and match to create drama and beauty. Do plenty of research into the type of stones you want to use before you create your bead jewelry. Aesthetics are an important part of creativity, but you want your piece to last, so make sure you use stones that will work well together in both style and strength.



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