Keeping Your Beads Organized: Bead Storage Jars

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How do I organize my beads so that I can find what I'm looking for?"

Keeping Your Beads Organized: Bead Storage Jars

If you are a beginner at bead jewelry making, you already know that your bead collection can get out of control quickly. Every bead artist needs storage for beads. Stacking bead storage jars are popular since each section has both a container and a lid for the section below it. You can reorganize your beads without taking them out of their bead storage container. Bead containers usually come in various sizes (for different bead sizes) and are made of sturdy, clear, high-impact plastic. Since you can easily see the contents, these storage containers are ideal. You can label if you need to, but just by being able to see what you have, you are already ahead of the game!



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