Problems with Closing Jump Rings

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How do I insure that my open jump rings stay closed?

Problems with Closing Jump Rings

Many people have problems with open jump rings not closing properly - or pulling apart as the jewelry piece is worn.

Jump rings should always be opened to the side - not outward (don't increase the diameter of the ring. I always use pliers in each hand holding the ring just below the opening, then move the tips of the pliers in opposite directions. When closing the ring - I reverse the movement. If it looks like the tips won't touch, I close down the diameter of the ring a bit before it is completely lined up to make sure they do just touch.

Many people try to economize on findings, so they end up buying rings that are too soft. The rings tend to just pull apart as the jewelry piece is worn. I find for 4mm open sterling silver jump rings, you need to have at least a 22ga ring - for 6mm try for 20ga or 19ga is even better.

A suggestion is to use oval jump rings instead of round. Oval jump rings have the opening on one of the long sides - and the wire tends to stay at one of the ends of the oval so it does not have a chance to go through the opening.



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