Beading Supplies: Keeping Track of Inventory

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What type of data should I record when keeping track of beading supplies and inventory?

Beading Supplies: Keeping Track of Inventory

When beginning your new business, it is essential to keep track of your beading supplies by keeping inventory records. You will use various beading and jewelry supply companies, and over the years you will find some companies that have lower prices, greater customer service, even better products. It isn't uncommon to use one wholesale beading supply company for thread and another company for beads. Keeping track of your inventory involves more than just a record of purchases made. You should keep track of your impressions of their company service, how fast they delivered their products, and any personal impressions of the company that you feel are noteworthy. You can use an inventory software program or create your own data records through Microsoft Word or Excel. However, it is essential to keep these records as your business grows over the years.



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