Color, Shape, and Size: Bead Storage Container Ideas

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How can I organize my bead storage container in a way that will help me find my beads quickly and easily?

Color, Shape, and Size: Bead Storage Container Ideas

It's not enough to store your beads in containers if you will have trouble finding them. Here are some bead storage ideas to help bring order to your workroom and help you find those special beads easily and quickly.

Organize your beads by color, shape, and size. This will help you easily identify beads that you need before beginning a project and it helps save time if you change your mind on bead choices in the middle of a project. You can devote one bead storage container for certain colors, and another by shapes. One bead storage box may be for crystals while another box may be for glass beads. If you have a large bead storage box or case, then organize each case by color, shape, and size. As your collection grows you can store all of your beads in individual cases according to their colors, shapes, and sizes.



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