Recycling a Bead Storage Container: Removing Labels

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How can I take the labels off of jars that I would like to use as a bead storage box?

Recycling a Bead Storage Container: Removing Labels

There are lots of great containers that you can use to store beads in. Tic Tac boxes, empty pill bottles, and plastic jars of all shapes and sizes can double as the perfect bead storage container. However, taking the labels off of these jars may not be as simple as it sounds. Usually, the glue that holds the label in place is water soluble, but if you've tried hot water and still have a sticky residue on your bead storage box, then try one of these remedies.

Rubbing Alcohol

Baby Oil

Mineral Oil


Goo Gone

Simply apply any of the above substances and rub on the glue until it dissolves. Remember to wash the jar thoroughly after removing the glue before storing your beads.



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