Sequin Tool

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What is a tambour hook?

Sequin Tool

A fantastic tool for quick embroidery or adding beads or sequins is a tambour hook. This is a tool that gets its name from the embroidery stand or tambour that holds the fabric while it's being embroidered. It's a needle-like tool with a tiny hook at the end that is often set in a wooden handle to make use easier. The thread is held by one hand on the bottom of the fabric while the other holds the tambour hook. The bead or sequin is slid up to the top part of the hook and the tip is inserted into the fabric. The hook picks up a loop of the thread and pulls it through the fabric and the bead before starting another stitch. This creates a running chain stitch that makes attaching beads or sequins quick. Tambour hooks or tambour needles can be purchased from most companies that sell embroidery supplies. Some beading suppliers also sell them.



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