Beadwork Frequently Asked Questions

What are delica beads?

What are opaque beads?

What can I do with tubular peyote?

How can I draw more people to my booth?

What are silver-lined beads?

What are galvanized beads?

What are matte beads?

Where do I find a really easy to attach jewelry clasp?

Is there an alternative to the traditional jewerly clasps?

What´s an easy way to store seed beads?

How do I make my brick stitch sturdier?

What´s a good container for storing my beads?

What are etched agate beads from Tibet called?

Why is square stitch called loom beading without a loom?

What can I do with daisy chains?

What do I do if I can´t find just the right clasp for a necklace?

What beadworking tools should you always have on hand?

What can I use to scoop up my beads?

How can I prevent my thread from fraying when I cut it?

Is there a way to keep tubular peyote from flattening while beading?

How can I keep track of my row when doing peyote stitch?

How can I prevent glue from dripping on my beadwork?

What is the most commonly used size of seed bead?

How can I transport my ceramic trays without breaking them?

What do the sizes numbers mean for seed beads?

How can I keep sharp-edged bugle beads from cutting my thread?

How can I keep my beads together while working on a project?

What´s the best light to bead with?

What´s are good scissors for cutting thread close to my beadwork?

What are the smallest and largest seed beads

Can I use bugle beads for right-angle weave?

How can I combine netting and peyote?

How can I prevent my pliers from making nicks in my metal findings?

What is the purpose of prayer beads?

How do I prevent my findings from being marked by my pliers?

Where can I find portable cases to take my beadwork with me?

How do I use twisted bugle beads?

How do I open a jump ring?

What if I want to wear my collectable beads?

How did African Trade Beads get their name?

What are the most well-known African Trade Beads

What can I use to display my beadwork at craft shows?

Can I use a daisy chain for an amulet strap?

How do I recolor a clasp where the metal has rubbed off?

What are ceylon beads?

What items are important to bring to a craft show?

How do I know what to price my work?

How can I add interest to my booth?

How do I store my hanks of beads?

How do I clean vintage beads

What items are important to bring to a craft show?

How can I generate interest in my beadwork at a craft show?

How can I add interest to my booth?

What are hex cut beads?

How can I get my booth noticed?

What kinds of beadwork should I bring to sell?

How can I add interest to my booth?

How can I promote myself at a show?

What items are important to bring to a craft show?

What items are important to bring to a craft show?

What is a charlotte cut bead?

What are transparent beads?

What is a two-cut bead?

What are iridescent or AB beads?

What are color-lined beads

What does a Marea finish look like?

How do I open a split ring?

How do I insure that my open jump rings stay closed?

What are Donut beads?

What is a ´Vintage´ bead?

How do I rapidly string seed beads that come on hanks?

How can I organize and store my beads without spending a lot of money?

How do I display my jewelry at shows?

How can I have an area to do beadwork with limited space and money?

How do I finish the ends of leather cord jewelry?

How do I finish the ends of my Memory wire jewelry?

How do I make Memory Wire Jewelry using Liquid Sterling Silver?

How do you tell if pearls are real?

How do I organize my beads so that I can find what I'm looking for?"

My beads try to jump out of my plastic storage container when I open it. How can I get the beads out without making a mess?

What type of container is best for small bead storage?

What should I look for in a bead storage container?

I'm having trouble picking up small beads - is there an easier way?

Some of my beads come in teeny zip lock bags - where can I find various sizes of new ones?

What should I look for in a good online bead store?

What is the benefit of using a bead board for jewelry design?

What are the different types of beading looms?

Why type of glue is used in jewelry making?

What kind of tools do I need to start making jewelry?

What are the different types of cords with which I can make jewelry?

What characteristics should I look for in metal wire?

What characteristics should I look for in stranded beading wire?

What is a bead board?

What are beads made of?

What's special about glass beads?

What are donut beads?

What shapes and types of beads are available for jewelry making?

What is the difference between an "Aventurine" bead and an "Adventurine" bead?

What are lampwork beads?

What do I do if my crimps are slipping?

Do you have any tips on using crimps with leather cord?

Do gemstones come in various shapes and colors?

What do Chinese Turquoise gemstones look like?

What gemstones are used to make Egyptian fans?

What are the different types of turquoise?

What designs or beads will make more unusual, bold gem stone jewelry?

What roles do texture, shape and color play when designing jewelry?

Are there less expensive stones that will give me an effect similar to gemstones? How do I treat them?

What kind of clasp should I use in my jewelry making?

What are bails?

Where can I find the official list of birth stones?

Where did birth stones originate?

What size chain should I choose for my pendant?

How do I plan for stringing a pendant on a beaded necklace?

I'm tired of gold pendants. Do they come in other shapes and colors?

Are there pendants geared towards motherhood and the earth?

Which are some of the more colorful gems to use for pendants?

What are some metaphysical properties of the stones used in pendants?

What causes copper to tarnish and how do I clean it?

Will wearing copper jewelry help my arthritis?

What can I do with copper wire and what are its benefits?

Why is copper a good material to use in jewelry making?

Does copper jewelry have therapeutic value?

Why are some people attracted to crystal beads and crystal pendants?

Does the shape of crystal beads have anything to do with their healing powers?

What does crystal jewelry have to do with holistic healing?

Can healing crystals be used for massage?

Which crystals have headache healing or prevention properties?

Are gold filled beads the same as gold-plated beads?

Are wholesale bead stores just for large jewelry design companies?

Besides crystal jewelry, what are some different forms of healing crystals?

Can I find semi precious stone jewelry online?

Can I make my own jewelry findings?

Does a wholesale bead store carry more than just beads?

Gold beads are measured in karats. What is a karat?

How can I get the look of gold with glass or gemstone beads?

How do I choose a toggle clasp for my silver jewelry?

How do I know my sterling silver jewelry is genuine?

How do I maintain my jewelry making tools? Why is it important to care for my tools?

How do I prevent tarnishing of my sterling silver jewelry?

How do I use silver clasps and findings?

How much silver is in a sterling silver bead?

How to I store and clean sterling silver jewelry?

I'm just a beginning beader, should I buy online?

Is Jade a semi precious stone?

My glass beads made in India are full of white powder. What is this stuff?

Should I tie a knot between pearls when I am making a pearl necklace?

Tell me about the semi precious stone, Amethyst.

What are findings?

What are some inspiration ideas for beading projects?

What are the different shapes of freshwater pearls?

What are the different ways to use silver beads?

What are the different ways to use sterling silver beads?

What can I do to assure myself that I'm buying from a bead store?

What does "gold-filled" mean - will the gold wear off my beads?

What is "Liquid Gold"?

What is "vermeil"?

What is a cultured pearl?

What is an animal totem?

What is the definition of semi precious stones?

What is the difference between a fresh water pearl made in sea water and one made in salt water?

What is the purpose of a headpin?

What is wire wrapping?

What kind of sterling silver wire should I use in jewelry making and beading?

What materials can I use for bead stringing? Why would I choose one over another?

What metals can I use to make ear wires? What metals should I consider when buying ear wires?

What pearls lend themselves to what necklace designs?

What price discount do wholesale jewelry supply companies offer?

What should I look for when buying pearls?

What types of items can I find at a wholesale bead supply store?

What units of measure are used to determine the weight of stones and gemstones?

What's a safe, quick way to pick up spilled beads?

When can I wear semi precious stone jewelry?

Where can I find ideas for Jewelry making?

What is a bead mix?

How can I get the two tone metal look for my jewelry piece?

What is memory wire?

What are crimp covers?

Did you know Chinese freshwater pearls rival Japanese saltwater pearls in color and luster?

Who brought the popularity of freshwater pearl necklaces back into vogue in the 1960s?

Is there more variety in wholesale freshwater pearls than there used to be?

Is there such a thing as a "perfect" pearl?

Do Chinese freshwater pearls wear well?

Does the elusive freshwater black pearl really exist?

What's the difference between cultured and freshwater pearls?

What the heck are baroque pearls?

What can I do with baroque pearls?

I've heard of keishi pearls, what are they?

Intimidated by the many varieties of pearls?

Are keishi pearls hard to find?

Have you heard of poppy seed pearls?

What types of Japanese pearls are there today?

What other types of pearl beads are available to work with?

Do abalone's really make pearls too?

Can you use specific pearls for specific purposes, like earrings?

Potato pearls? No way!

I've heard of pearl buttons, but what about button pearls?

Is there another way to string pearls without the knots?

Can I knit with beads?

What's the classic length for a string of pearls?

Why should I use silk thread to string my pearls?

Can't I use tweezers to knot instead of a beading awl?

Do you wonder what rice pearls are?

Does more than one pearl come from an animal?

How can I use rice pearls in my bead designs?

Do some pearls have overtones?

What creates the color in pearls?

How do I care for pearl beads?

Can I use spacers with my pearl beads?

Why are mother of pearl beads rare?

Are abalone and Mother of Pearl beads really the same thing?

Are fresh water pearl beads really as good as traditional salt water beads?

Is bleaching fresh water pearl beads really OK?

Why do farmer's dye pearls?

How can I tell if my freshwater pearl bead is coated?

What's at the heart of every cultured pearl?

What is mother of pearl, anyway?

Are coin freshwater pearls always round?

I'd like more variety in my beading projects. What can I do?

Can I use nylon cord to bead my coin pearls?

How can I learn more about great luster in the pearls I choose?

Can I use a crimp bead on my coin freshwater pearls necklace?

Are top drilled coin pearls more versatile than other styles?

Is there an easier way to string loose seed beads that are sold in tubes and not on a string?

What is a tambour hook?

My crimp tubes and crimp beads always seem to either break or not close, what do I do?

How do you dye MOP black? Can you use rit dye? Hot hot of waer can MOP stand? Thanks

Can a clear bead storage container help my creativity?

What can I use for a flip top bead storage container?

What can I use for a stackable bead storage container?

What makes a durable bead storage container?

How can I create a bead storage container suitable for my workspace?

How can I keep my projects organized using a bead storage container?

How can I take the labels off of jars that I would like to use as a bead storage box?

How can I organize my bead storage container in a way that will help me find my beads quickly and easily?

How can I make sure my bead storage container is spill proof?

How can I tell if I'm ready to buy beading supplies for my business?

How can I save money and buy beading supplies in bulk?

How many beads should I buy?

Should I include the cost of beading supplies in my business plan?

What type of data should I record when keeping track of beading supplies and inventory?

How should I organize my beading supplies for greater productivity?

How many pieces of jewelry should I make when starting my business?

How many beading supplies should I buy for my first project?

How can I display my Donut beads?

How can I tell a gemstone beads hardness?

What are soft gemstone beads and how should I take care of them?

What are the metaphysical meanings of Gemstone Points?

How should I clean my precious gemstones?

How can I hide the imperfections on Donut Beads?

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