Beading Tools

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How do I maintain my jewelry making tools? Why is it important to care for my tools?

Beading Tools

Invest in good jewelry findings and supplies before starting to make your own jewelry. A good set of tools, including pliers and a wide range of threads and wires will give you the breadth of material you need to be as creative as you want! You do need to maintain your tools and materials if you want them to last. Remember that tools for beads should only be used for jewelry making and beading. When you use your tools for other things you risk damaging them or getting materials on them which can transfer onto your jewelry project later. Consider wrapping your pliers' tips in masking tape when working with wire. You can avoid scratching both the wire (especially important when working with enameled or plated wire) and the tool itself. You can't create a masterpiece without the right materials!



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