Guide to Clasps

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What kind of clasp should I use in my jewelry making?

Guide to Clasps

Here is a simple guide to basic clasps that you can use in your bead jewelry making.

1. A toggle clasp can either be used in necklace making or in bracelet making. This is a clasp that is both easy to use when trying to put a necklace on and also pleasing to the eye.

2. Spring Ring Clasps use a small spring within the enclosure that helps the clasp to open and close. These are very common clasps but they can be difficult to use for people without fine motor skills.

3. Lobster Claw Clasps are very secure, so they are popular with more valuable pieces of jewelry like those made with gemstones or gold. Lanyard Clasps have a simpler and earthier look and are often used with beaded pieces using leather cord or hemp.

4. Hook and eye clasps can actually be made by the bead hobbyist using stiff and strong wire. Because of their simplicity, they work best with necklaces. They are not recommended for bracelets which require a sturdier clasp that will withstand your arm movements.

5. Safety Clasps are most often used with fine jewelry because they have not only a sliding clasp to hold the piece together, but they also an extra piece of metal or wire that secures the sliding clasp.

6. A Slide Clasp has one piece, typically flat, that slides into another piece and it hold the piece together. In many instances, a slide clasp is built to hold multiple strands of cord or wire, so these are very useful for multi strand necklaces and bracelets.



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