Crimping Pliers

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What do I do if my crimps are slipping?

Crimping Pliers

A common problem in jewelry making is slipping crimps. Crimps most often slip because you are using the wrong tool. If you are just flattening crimps with a needle nosed plier, the cable can easily slip out. You can find a tool that is spcifically designed for crimping at an online jewelry beading supply center. Crimping Pliers are designed to crimp special beads called crimping beads or crimping tubes. The lower position of the pliers crimp, then the upper position rounds off the crimped bead for a clean, professional look. A crimping tool leaves a smooth, round bead and eliminates sharp edges and wire slipping, that can result with conventional pliers. If you are already using a crimping pliers, as described above, the problem could be the crimp beads that you are using. The easiest and most secure type of crimp is the tube style. Since the outer surface is smooth and flat, this style of crimp tends to work best with the slots in the Crimping Pliers. Most standard pliers have a 2x2mm slot - so use 2x2mm tube crimps that come in many metals including sterling silver.



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