Jewelry Cords

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What are the different types of cords with which I can make jewelry?

Jewelry Cords

Many popular jewelry styles feature using beads with large holes, strung on a variety of interesting cording material, such as leather, cotton and hemp. Specifically you will find waxed cotton cords, Greek Leather and "Rattail" satin cords (jet black and very shiny). Leather will give your necklace a more earthy feel. Waxed cotton cord can be in lieu of leather or hemp. Rattail satin cord frays a bit when cut, so most bead jewelry making books suggest dipping the cut end in fabric glue. The cord is about 1.5mm thick and is sold in custom cut pieces by the yard or by the full spool. Think about the style of jewelry you want to design or get some of each kind of cord to experiment!



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