Beading Pliers

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What kind of tools do I need to start making jewelry?

Beading Pliers

One of the essential tools in jewelry making is a good set of beading pliers. There are several kinds and each has its strength in making your bead jewelry. Round-nosed pliers are terrific for bending wire. You'll also need these pliers to form loops to attach ear fittings for earrings and clasps for necklaces and bracelets. Flat-nosed pliers are useful, too, for holding jump rings when you need to bend them. Wire cutters (sometimes called "side cutters") are handy for snipping wire or beading cable. If you plan on using stranded beading cable, Crimping Pliers are an important tool to have. The best way to determine what you need is to decide what kind of necklace or jewelry you want to make and then build your tool collection accordingly.



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