The Benefits of Plastic Bead Storage Bags

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Some of my beads come in teeny zip lock bags - where can I find various sizes of new ones?

The Benefits of Plastic Bead Storage Bags

There are many benefits bead storage in plastic storage bags. For example, bead storage can be made easy if you create a filing system by lining up your small plastic bags in divided storage drawers. Mark your bags with a Sharpie. Bags also come in a huge range of sizes: 2x2", 2x3", 3x3", etc. Bags are also easy to find (available online) and pretty inexpensive. They are helpful for bead storage and for separating findings and other beading supplies. Plastic bags keep beads and other items clean and organized. For example, sterling silver doesn't tarnish as quickly when sealed away from air inside a Zip lock bag. Bags are lightweight and pliable--great for packing. Plastic bags are even a great place to put finished jewelry for shipping.



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