Small Bead Storage

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What type of container is best for small bead storage?

Small Bead Storage

Do you have a lot of stock small beads, like seed beads in your collection? Are you sick of trying to keep track of them in plastic bags or some other quick organizational fix? One slick method is a bead container called a tri-tube. A tri-tube is a small, clear plastic tube bead container with a plug lid. You can easily see what's inside, can dispense just a few beads at a time, and the triangular shape makes it impossible for the tube to roll away like a round tube can. Eyepins and headpins work perfectly in this bead storage container and the tubes prevent pins from getting bent. These bead storage tubes can stand upright or be stacked in a small box.



7/30/2006 6:05:28 AM
marlea said:

great, but where do I get them?


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