Beadworking Center on a Budget

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How can I have an area to do beadwork with limited space and money?

Beadworking Center on a Budget

Are you short on space and money, but still want to have a place to store your beads and work on your beading projects? By watching for sales and frequenting thrift stores, you can put together a wonderful beading center.

One method of storing beads is simply using small zip lock bags or bead storage bags and then organizing them in a shallow box or tray. The 2"x2" size is a handy one for most smaller beads. Depending on where you buy your beads, you may get bags of this size when you make your purchase - or you can buy a hundred new bags for a couple dollars.

The hardware store can be a good source for a storage container. Try one of those racks with the little plastic drawers - or a fishing tackle box. Most have compartments that are great for lining up the 2" ziplocks.

If you use small seed beads (6/0 and smaller) you may want to use the tiny plastic tubes or vials for storage instead. They improve your ability to pour the beads out and funnel them back into the container.



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