Spotting Fake Bali Beads

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Are there imitation Bali beads on the market?

Spotting Fake Bali Beads

Real Bali beads cost more than fakes and imitations, so price should be your first clue that you're buying a true Bali bead. Of course, unscrupulous dealers can charge high prices for inferior merchandise. So, if you're dealing with a new wholesaler, and the cost of Bali beads seems too good to be true, then it just might be. Other things to look for in real Bali beads are a finish that is sleek and polished, and evenly colored oxidized backgrounds that show off the polished silver. The findings should be good quality sterling silver, and they should all be attached firmly to the bead (like ear posts, they shouldn't be loose). Also feel the bead. Is it too heavy or too light? Then run don't walk to another wholesaler.



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