Colored Copper Wire

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Why does copper wire come in different colors?

Colored Copper Wire

Copper beads and wire are stunning, but what if you'd like to add some different hues to your jewelry designs? Look for another copper wire option at your wholesaler – colored copper wire. These wires come in a variety of gauges, but they also come in a rainbow of colors. It's also soft enough to wrap around gemstones and other items in your design. The wire is coated with colored enamel that helps make it stronger and also resists tarnishing and wear. You can buy this wire in bulk on a coil or spool, and it's quite inexpensive through most wholesale outlets.



6/29/2006 10:46:31 AM
Kerri Anderson-Linde said:

With the increasing cost of sterling silver wire, copper wire is also an economical alternative! Several places now offer "shiny silver" or "sterling color" wire which mimics the reals stuff in appearance. 22 gauge is difficult to find, but is a great all purpose size for copper wire. It can handle tension, but is still thin enough to go through almost all beads.


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