Popular Designs: Combining Gemstone Beads

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What are some good color combination choices when choosing gemstone beads?

Popular Designs: Combining Gemstone Beads

Various gemstone beads look best when paired with other beads that are complimenting to each other. When beginning a project choosing various gem stone beads that you would like to combine first is a great way to stir up the creative juices and begin your design plan. If you are going to create a gem stone ring, then you will definitely want to make sure that you carefully choose the gemstone beads since they will be viewed at close proximity to each other. Here are some very popular gemstone bead combinations that have been selected due to their inherent qualities and gem stone properties.

Agate are blue beads that look marvelous next to the warm yellow glow of Aragonite

Garnets look stunning when combined with Black Onyx

Green Jade exudes wealth and elegance and is exquisite when paired with Amethyst

Rose Quartz is simply soft and feminine in light pink, add clear Quartz or even clear Swarovski Crystals to enhance the romantic feel.

Turquoise with its blue green sky color is set ablaze by the fiery warmth of Carnelian. This combination is as striking as the sun setting in the Arizona sky.



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celia said:

very good combinations. thankyou


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