Gemstone Points: Their Meanings

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What are the metaphysical meanings of Gemstone Points?

Gemstone Points: Their Meanings

If you are creating gem stone jewelry for its metaphysical meanings, you will be familiar with gemstone points. These carefully angled gemstones are perfect for wire wrapping and are worn by many for their mystical and magical purposes. Here is a listing of some popular gemstone points and their properties.

Amethyst is worn for developing the spiritual side of your soul. It is used to overcome anxiety, stress, and addictions. It is revered as being highly spiritual.

Lapis Lazuli is worn for self- awareness and the development of consciousness

Jasper is known to bring strength, power, and courage. It is also used for protection.

Citrine is revered for bringing wealth, success, and wisdom to the wearer.

Tiger Eye is known as a grounding stone. It is used to bring the wearer into balance and adds empowerment.

Most gemstone points used for metaphysical purposes are set in Silver. Silver is said to bring self-awareness and reflection. It is believed that Silver will draw out the energies and properties of the stone that it embraces.



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