Beading Supplies: Selling Your Own Jewelry for Fun and Profit

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How can I tell if I'm ready to buy beading supplies for my business?

Beading Supplies: Selling Your Own Jewelry for Fun and Profit

You've been wearing your jewelry for fun and after having a large amount of people admire your handiwork, you've considered making some beadwork to sell. If you are toying with the idea of starting your own business, but would like to test the waters first, then you may want to start acquiring some beading supplies and make a batch of jewelry for marketing purposes. Your gut instinct will tell you which pieces will be big sellers, but now it is time to put the hunch to the test.
Beginning with a small amount of beading and jewelry supply, create your designs and test the waters. Chances are if people in your surrounding environment are interested in purchasing them, others will too. After selling your first batch, try selling them at craft shows or on consignment.



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