Handyman's Helper: A Hanging Bead Storage Container

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How can I create a bead storage container suitable for my workspace?

Handyman's Helper: A Hanging Bead Storage Container

Do you have excess baby food jars on hand and need help organizing your workspace? If so, here is a handyman's trick that can make your beading life simpler and easier. You will need:

Baby food jars

Small Nails

Wood to affix the jar lids to (plywood, small block of wood, even the underside of your workspace cabinets)

Nail the jar lids to the wood with the underside of the lid facing front. Now you can fill the jars with beads and attach them to the lids by screwing them back on. When you want to use the jar, simply unscrew it from its securely affixed top. This saves space, is easy to make, and is a great way to make a bead storage container system that fits your own personal workspace.



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