Crimp Tubes and Crimp Beads

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My crimp tubes and crimp beads always seem to either break or not close, what do I do?

Crimp Tubes and Crimp Beads

If you're having trouble with crimp tubes breaking or not closing, you should look at your tools, findings and your techniques. Crimping pliers should be used instead of regular pliers. If you're already using crimping pliers, they could be damaged, so check the surfaces that come in contact with the crimp. Be sure your crimp bead or crimp tube is just big enough for the wire to go through twice. Using too large a crimp bead can cause problems. The first time you squeeze the crimp, put the crimp into the depression closest to the handle that has a "V". Don't squeeze too hard, just enough to meet the other side. Next, place the crimp into the outer depression and squeeze gently. This should fold the two parts over onto themselves. If you still have problems with breakage, you may want to get a better quality crimp bead. Sometimes paying a little more can make the job so much easier.



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