A Knotty Problem

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Is there another way to string pearls without the knots?

A Knotty Problem

Most traditional pearl necklaces use knots between each pearl to keep the tender pearls from rubbing together and wearing or scratching the nacre. You can use the traditional knotting method, or you can use a double-needle method, that uses two needles through each pearl. You simply tie a knot with the two strands, eliminating the need to use a knotting tool. Then string the next pearl, and continue with all your pearls. If you have small pearls, or you really aren't worried about wear, you can string them close together on the strand without knots. Happy stringing!



5/31/2007 4:27:01 PM
mack said:

I do quite a bit of beeding, and never knew of your hint, uning two threads to make the knot between the beeds. What a great idea. I can't wait to try it.


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