Wire Wrapping

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What is wire wrapping?

Wire Wrapping

Many of today's most beautiful sterling silver bead jewelry employ a technique called wire wrapping. Using sterling silver wire, you literally wrap the bead, in part, in full, or in a pattern. It gives necklaces a different texture and added flare. Wire wrapping is also an excellent solution if you have a pendant without a hole for a bail. Not only will you be able to use your pendant, you will be making a wonderful artistic statement. When you are choosing which wire to use you need to consider both the hardness of the wire and the gauge. Obviously, the thinner the wire, the easier it will be to manipulate - but you don't want one that is too thin or you may not get the look you are going for. Wire that is too thin may also not hold your intended shape, especially if it is a structural part of your piece like a link.



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